14.  What About You and Your Mental Health and Well-being?


What About You and Your Mental Health and Well-being?

In episode 14 of the BBW podcast, Dr. Lia addresses the critical topic of Mental Health for Pediatricians, discussing the pervasive issue of Burnout in Healthcare among pediatric professionals. Drawing from personal experiences, she describes how her own stint focusing solely on behavioral health led to a significant salary drop and emotional exhaustion. She highlights the necessity of implementing Self-Care Strategies for Doctors, emphasizing the importance of caring for oneself to effectively care for others. Dr. Lia advocates for healthcare infrastructure that supports the Pediatrician Work-life Balance and offers various Behavioral Health Tools and Coping Mechanisms for Clinicians. 


Key strategies include having a supportive colleague or ‘battle buddy,’ monitoring personal energy levels through the spoon theory, and engaging in restorative activities such as meditation, exercise, and spending quality time with family. Dr. Lia also underscores the role of proper nutrition, creativity, spirituality, and professional therapy in maintaining mental wellness. Additionally, she suggests seeking cost-effective counseling opportunities at universities and stresses the importance of non-medical friendships to provide fresh perspectives outside the healthcare realm. The episode serves as a comprehensive guide for pediatricians seeking to balance their professional responsibilities with personal health, offering actionable advice and resources to combat burnout and promote well-being in the healthcare industry.


Bullet points of key topics 

  • Dr. Lia discusses the importance of self-care and mental health for healthcare professionals, emphasizing the need for personal wellness to effectively care for others.
  • She shares practical strategies for managing stress, including relying on a support network, tracking personal energy levels, and engaging in rejuvenating activities.
  • The episode encourages professionals to seek help when needed and use resources like therapy, medication, and well-being guides to maintain their mental health.



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Dr Lia Gaggino

Dr Lia Gaggino Host of the Pediatric Meltdown Podcast

Dr. Lia Gaggino has worked as a pediatrician for over 30 years on the west side of Michigan. During her career as a primary care physician, she has been privileged to care for children and adolescents, and know that their success is closely tied to mental wellness.

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